You never need to worry about safety when you send  your audio files. Transcription Department uses secure 128-bit SSL FTP* (file transfer protocol) encryption for transfer of your audio and text files as well as any credit card information.       

Please click on the Upload key to the RIGHT to safely upload your audio or credit card information to us.
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Please note: you may also click on the Upload key at the top right of this page to safely send us text files such as your own list of subject-specific names and terms, a transcript format you want us to use, or your credit card information.  (If you wish to pay by credit card, just fill in the information section on your invoice when you receive it and upload the invoice on this page.)

FTP provided by
This technology is the norm for banking transfers and is typically used by popular ecommerce websites such as to safely transfer sensitive financial data. After you enter your email address, you'll see the https in the URL to confirm that it is a secure connection.
We'll gladly provide a free sample transcription of three minutes of your audio or video so you can judge our quality for yourself. There is no obligation to purchase services. Simply click the Upload key above to send your audio. We can work with most audio formats including mp3, wav, and  aif as well as video formats, mp4, mov, mpeg,  wmv and more.
Safely send your template, list of terms, credit card information, etc.
After you enter your email address, follow the prompts. 
Hold CTRL to select multiple files.
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If you have a large file (over one hour of audio), please add your file(s) here for a faster and more reliable upload.

1. Click Select Files.
2. Browse for files you want to send.
3. Type your email address.
4. Click Send Now!