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Legal Transcription: 
Powers of Attorney
Medical Records Summaries
Requests for Production of Documents
Jury Instructions
Deposition Summaries
Patent Applications (Transcribe and proofread applications and 
compare with diagrams to ensure accuracy)
General Transcription:

• Seminars, Focus Groups, Conferences, Workshops
• Panel Discussions, Teleconferences
• Product Review Interviews                  
• Conference Calls
• Speeches
• Blog Posts
• E-Books
• Sermons

Academic Transcription:
Focus Groups
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available student discounts.) 
I am the owner/operator of Transcription Department. I am also a twice-published author. Please click here to see an excerpt from my novel, The Suitor, and here for an excerpt from No Harm Intended -- both books published by major New York publishing houses, not self-published.

Because of my experience with publishing, I can transcribe your fiction or non-fiction manuscript, proposal, and cover letter, and you can be sure that everything will be properly formatted and ready to submit to an agent or editor. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 
Transcription Services
We will always do careful Internet research to find the correct
spelling of unfamiliar names and terms. And we are very happy to
use any list of subject-specific
names and terms that you may
have compiled.

Book Authors
Transcription from
Time Coded Video
    We spent the afternoon bicycling at the beach.  The
     weather was perfect.
A message from Gloria Dyal:
We can create time coded transcripts for digital video files with a visible time code burn (TCR). We will, of course, use any template you prefer.
We'll be happy to provide samples and references.
Your document will be delivered as a nicely formatted Microsoft Word
or PDF document.
 YouTube videos transcribed.  

Discounts available for new clients, students, & authors. Please see   Rates page.
Oscar Wilde wrote:
    "I have spent most of the day putting in a comma and the rest of the day taking it out." 
While we're not quite that fanatical, we have spent many years learning where to put punctuation marks so they do the most good to make copy read brilliantly.
Send us your blog copy or URL, and let us work magic with spelling, grammar and punctuation.
For Patent Attorneys
Since 2009, I have worked for a patent attorney who handles a wide variety of patent types. He sends me a rough draft and preliminary drawings online. I then compare to make sure all items are mentioned in the application and all numbers in the document are correct. 

In addition, with 11 years of editing experience (including copy editing of a textbook for Macmillan Publishers), I offer suggestions for revision in grammar, spelling, noun/verb agreement, punctuation, syntax and sentence structure. As a layperson, I am able to spot where descriptions could be clearer and explain my reasoning.

When I work, I use the MS Word Track Changes feature, and I offer comments where appropriate. It is then a simple matter for an attorney to accept or reject changes and to consider suggestions I make.

I do not rewrite. I shine a light on errors or weak spots to help ensure that the patent will be granted. Feel free to contact me if you would like a reference.
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