Number of Speakers - Good audio
Basic      1 or 2 speakers 
Complex  3 or more speakers 

Number of Speakers - Difficult audio ♪
Basic      1 or 2 speakers 
Complex  3 or more speakers 
4 to 7 days

 1 to 3 days

The rate for transcribing from previously typed pages is $2.85 per double-spaced page.
Choose your method of payment:  You may pay for services with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express ®, or debit card by using PayPal. Please note: While there will be a 3% additional charge for payment with PayPal, there is no fee when payment is made with Zelle, a money order or a personal or business check.
Introductory rate for all new clients: 10% off the first 60 minutes of audio.
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"Transcription Department has been invaluable in my academic research. I have been able to easily upload my audio files and feel secure that I would receive high quality transcription even when my audio was not perfect. Thank you for all your work!" 
J.D., Ph.D. candidate, Berkeley Law School

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Special academic rate for students and authors: 10% off cost of each transcript after first discounted 60 minutes of audio.
*Rates are per audio minute of recording.
Feel free to contact us if you would like to see sample transcripts from publicly available audio ( Please contact us with your email address, and we'll be happy to send the transcripts with a link to the audio so you can discover for yourself  the care and quality  we put into every transcript.
 A rating of "difficult audio" is based on a variety of factors including but not limited to poorly recorded audio, soft-speaking or unmiked speakers, excessive background noise, heavily accented speech, above-average need for Internet research, frequent time coding. and the need for strict verbatim transcription. Please note: these must be excessive for us to deem the audio difficult. Background noise is the most common problem, and we have software that will reduce that sort of audio interference which frequently prevents a difficult designation.
The rate for highly accurate transcription of TIME CODED VIDEO is $2.80 per audio minute.  Note: this rate is for TCR time codes (including video frame number), not simple time stamping.
See Upload page for free trial offer. When you take dvantage of this offer, we can determine the quality of your audio and give you an accurate price quote. 
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Time stamped transcripts are available for an additional $0.28 per audio minute.  You can send your own template, or we will create one for your approval.
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