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Regarding audio quality: Transcription Department's experienced and dedicated transcriptionists will give 100 percent in their efforts to hear and accurately transcribe every word spoken on the audio you provide. It stands to reason that high quality recording methods will lead to high quality transcripts. Please see our Recording Tips, which should help you achieve the best possible results when you record.
"The transcription was completed professionally in all aspects. My qualitative research demanded accurate transcription, and Transcription Department delivered on a high level of quality on time with a schedule we set. They put forth the extra effort in transcribing difficult interviews recorded in less-than-ideal environments such as noisy cafes, busy hotel lobbies, and in-real-time translations from multiple translators. I will use Transcription Department's services for all my future transcribing needs and recommend them to all my colleagues."  
Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Berkeley
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After your audio has been transcribed and proofread, each transcript will then go through an exacting quality control process to ensure that the formatting, spelling, and punctuation are all correct and that words have been transcribed as accurately as possible. 
We understand that confidentiality is of utmost importance.  We have signed, legally binding Confidentiality/ND Agreements on file for all of our transcriptionists. If you prefer, we will gladly sign one that you provide.
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Benefits of having Transcription Department handle your transcription needs:
The keys to producing excellent, readable, and useful transcripts: careful formatting; an excellent command of English grammar and spelling; thoughtful research to find the correct spelling of names, organizations, etc.; and intelligent punctuation. Our skilled transcriptionists have been thoroughly trained to capture the nuances of dialog in a highly effective manner.